You specify ENTEK organic solderability preservative, but are you getting the real ENTEK?

If it's not from MacDermid Enthone, be assured that product performance is being sacrificed. As documented on this site, boards coated with competitive and black market OSPs repeatedly result in reduced yields, lower quality, unnecessary rework and rejects, and lower reliability throughout the supply chain.

Protect your boards and your bottom line. Authentic ENTEK. Only from MacDermid Enthone.

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Increase Yields

ENTEK® PLUS HT exhibits unmatched solder spread performance compared with a well known competitive OSP. As the inter-stripe pad spacing (mm) increases, ENTEK PLUS HT clearly demonstrates its superior wetting capability by as much as 60%. Even at narrower pad spacing, ENTEK PLUS HT delivers a minimum of 25% better spread.

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Improve Quality

As shown, ENTEK® PLUS HT clearly provides a more aesthetically pleasing finish that maintains exceptional solderability through multiple high temperature processing versus a competitive, latest generation OSP. A comparison between black market processes that claim to be OSPs provide even more inferior results.

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Exceptional Reliability

Yields As illustrated in the above charts, ENTEK® PLUS HT exhibits consistent and extremely low resistance, even after three lead-free reflows. Conversely, the competitor’s OSP offers unpredictable and significantly higher resistance as witnessed by the variable, wide ranges documented. The variability progressively worsens as more force is applied by the probe.

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Process Cycle

The ENTEK® PLUS HT patented, four-step process inhibits galvanic etch effects, resulting in enhanced PCB reliability.

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Verify Your Process

The ENTEK OSP Verification Program protects the entire supply chain by providing immediate assurance that you are receiving the real ENTEK coating. The program also offers assistance on the selection and process optimization of all MacDermid Enthone PCB Final Finishes.

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