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Since the early 1960's, we have consistently helped shape the future of the worldwide electronics industry by supplying specialty chemicals to solve increasingly complex printed circuit board requirements for the consumer, automotive, military and telecommunication industries.

As we enter the next phase of innovation that includes Photovoltaics, electronics packaging and LED an array of entirely new applications for printed circuitry, MacDermid Alpha is the one company that you can count on for precision solutions and superior service. When it comes to IC Substrates, HDI and flexible printed circuit boards. We’ve got you covered.


MacDermid Enthone’s Marketing and OEM teams work very closely with the worldwide leaders in Automotive Electronics and Instrumentation to provide consistent and reliably effective solutions for…

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The personal computer industry has seen increases in competition over the last 5 years. The market definition of computers includes desktops, laptops and more recently netbooks.

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Consumer Electronics

In the ever-changing world of consumer electronics MacDermid Alpha can meet the present as well as future customer requirements. MacDermid Alpha is your worldwide leader in electronics innovation for…

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Lighting and Illumination

Rapid developments in the electronics packaging and finishing world are enabling highly functional innovations in lighting and illumination applications.

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Medical / Instrumentation

The global market for medical devices and instrumentation is driven by the need for precision. The global market value for this industry which includes precision equipment for surgical, theraputic and…

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Military & Aerospace

The military and aerospace market is estimated to be $130 Billion in 2012 with an annual growth rate of 4.2% through 2013. This is driven by government’s willingness to spend on military initiatives.

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Printed Electronics

Companies that are in, or beginning to explore entry into the $10+ billion printed electronics market can look to MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions for across-the-board support.

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Solar Energy

Solar energy benefits utilities, businesses, and residential users through two main technologies: solar thermal and solar electric. MacDermid Alpha participates in the solar electric industry, also…

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The communications market has seen significant changes over the last decade. This market is growing rapidly and incorporating more technical changes than any other market. Telecommunications is no…

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