Technology Enabling Solutions for a 5G Connected World.

Worldwide adoption of the smartphone and other mobile device technologies has driven a massive data revolution in the communications market over the last decade. Where cellular network technologies were originally focused on voice transmission only, more and more are becoming users’ sole connection to the internet. The rollout of 5G has added staggering complexity and challenges to the electronics manufacturing supply chain.

Mobile device designers will now be challenged to add higher processing power for new data hungry applications and the addition of new baseband chips.  The number of fronthaul signal transmission points in communications networks will increase due to shorter ranges of high frequencies used. The added bandwidth being served through cloud processing will be pushed to the limits of what is possible to discover new ways to use these powerful networks.

The era of the home internet connection in your pocket has arrived. MacDermid Alpha is there to tackle the increased demands of the revolution in mobile technology, offering improvements and advances in solutions that match market needs and desires.

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