MacDermid Alpha’s focus is to meet the changing demands and advances in information technology for both the military and aerospace market through research and development innovation and product flexibility.

The military and aerospace market is estimated to be $130 billion in 2012 with an annual growth rate of 4.2% through 2013. This is driven by government’s willingness to spend on military initiatives. The United States accounts for the majority of global military spending. For the U.S. market the big change is scaling back large capital expenditures in favor of more disposable systems. Maintenance of aircraft, ships, communications, and navigation is a significant part of military spending.

There is a need for newer satellite communications systems as well higher bandwidth capabilities. The U.S. approach is towards a sophisticated, “network-centric” communication system with both high speed and precision. Areas for growth arise in airborne self protection laser systems, military electronics as well as in surveillance and communications. This will bring new opportunities for MacDermid Alpha to meet the demands for advanced electronic components and devices.