Solar energy benefits utilities, businesses, and residential users through two main technologies: solar thermal and solar electric. MacDermid Alpha participates in the solar electric industry, also known as Photovolataics. Our chemicals are used to reduce the bill-of-materials costs for solar cell manufacturers. We also produce chemicals to increase the efficiency and power of solar panels by enabling new and innovative solar cell designs.




Photovoltaic modules are manufactured using several types of manufacturing methods, but two systems represent 99% of solar electric installation: crystalline silicon panels and thin film modules. Crystalline silicon panels are made from arrays of individual silicon solar cells. The cells are cut from monocrystalline boules or multicrystalline ingots and made into cells at a solar cell manufacturer. Silicon cell technology represents more than 90% of installed photovoltaic power worldwide. MacDermid Alpha supplies chemicals to the crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturers.


Early solar cells were developed by French scientists, American engineers, German institutes, and Japanese production companies. But today's large scale production is found in Asia, with more than 80% of solar cells manufactured by China and Taiwan. For more than 40 years, MacDermid Alpha has focused priority on supporting manufacturing companies in Asia, so our sales, service, manufacturing, and engineering departments are well staffed with customer-focused professionals. Of course, MacDermid Alpha also maintains superior sales and service capability in all other industrialized areas of Europe and the Americas.


Supply Chain


Your rooftop photovoltaic project depends on specially trained installation teams, working for companies that purchase panels from PV module manufacturers. Module makers acquire cells from independent or captive cell manufacturers. Cell makers purchase silicon wafers, chemicals, equipment, and other materials from a dedicated vendor base. MacDermid Alpha is an early part of the supply chain; supplying specialty chemicals direct to crystalline silicon cell manufacturers on a worldwide basis.