September 03, 2020

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global leader in high performance semiconductor chemistries and assembly materials, will exhibit its total process solutions for emerging packaging at the Semicon Taiwan, Taipei City, September 23-25, 2020.

MacDermid Alpha will highlight its entire portfolio of technologies from its MacDermid Enthone, Alpha, Kester, and Compugraphics brands essential to advanced semiconductor packaging and the markets it enables. MacDermid Alpha will be showcasing its recently released MacDermid Enthone brand, Systek UVF 100; a 2-in1 RDL via filling technology for IC substrates, and the Systek ETS 1200; an advanced DC acid copper pattern plating process specifically formulated for the construction of embedded trace substrates.

The Alpha brand STAYDRY Z20 film, a unique getter which employs an active desiccant for water absorption dispersed in a flexible silicone polymer matrix and the Kester brand of Thermal Interface Materials used to enhance heat transfer across the interface between a heat source and heatsink will also be promoted. ​The Compugraphics brand will showcase their complete line of photomask solutions.

MacDermid Alpha’s team of industry experts from its Circuitry and Semiconductor divisions will be available at booth I2422 to discuss the challenges the semiconductor manufacturing sector faces as technology continues to push the limits of performance and miniaturization. Stop by the booth to learn of MacDermid Alpha’s offerings in the 5G, mobile, smart automotive, and high-performance computing markets.