January 22, 2020

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global leader in specialty materials for electronics, announces the release of Enklad Pretreatment, a process to clean and zincate aluminum memory disk substrates. When used to prepare aluminum surfaces for electroless nickel plating, Enklad Pretreatment provides a major upgrade in process quality, deposit uniformity, and functional capability.


The specialized Enklad Pretreatment process follows the traditional process flow of industry standard pretreatments and is comprised of a cleaner/etch step, followed by a two-step zincate. Enklad Cleaner-Etch 100 is a low foaming surface prep that matches the roughness, etch rate, and cleaning ability of the industry standard while also reducing the surface pitting of aluminum substrates. Enklad Zincate 100/100R is an immersion plating system that produces a more uniform and highly adherent, yet thinner, zincate coating. Overall, the process provides a higher quality initiation layer for the nickel surface of the hard disk. Together, these innovations contribute to the control of plating nodules that may occur before the final polishing step.


“With the Enklad series of memory disk processes, we are combining decades of industry experience in this niche segment with our access to the broad portfolio of chemical processes under MacDermid Alpha. Because of this, we can bring our customers even higher performance and quality to their disk manufacturing operations;” said Jerry Du, Director of R&D, Memory Disk.


For more information on the Enklad series of memory disk processes please visit the MacDermid Alpha website.


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Name: Jerry Du

Title: Director of R&D, Memory Disk

Email: [email protected]