June 01, 2015

MacDermid Incorporated, a Platform Specialty Products Corporation company, (“MacDermid”), is highlighting their 50- year milestone of supplying specialty chemicals to Japanese manufacturers of electronics devices. MacDermid supplies the chemicals that clean surfaces, deposit metals, bond innerlayers, and protect copper at all levels of the circuit board and semiconductor package manufacturing process. Archibald J. MacDermid started MacDermid Chemicals in Waterbury, Connecticut USA in 1922 in order to serve manufacturers of brass products with his innovative electrolytic cleaning process. His company grew quickly, and by 1962 MacDermid joined the electronics trade association, IPC.

Soon thereafter, MacDermid began to serve the needs of Japanese electronics manufacturers. Today, we commemorate the successful 50-year partnership between MacDermid and our valued Japanese customers. Following several years of sales/service representation, MacDermid established direct operations in Japan in 1975 and, in 1986, incorporated Nippon MacDermid Co., Ltd.(“Nippon MacDermid”). In 1992, Nippon MacDermid dedicated a large scale research and development center in Yokohama. Today, Nippon MacDermid’s main operations reside in Sakado, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken.

Moore’s Law, accurately forecasting the growth in transistor density since April 1965, also predicts the interconnection complexity of printed circuit boards. MacDermid’s chemicals are essential for allowing the exponential increase in circuit functionality. MacDermid Electronics Solutions’ plating, finishing, and surface treatment chemicals enable the quality and precision needed for the technological progress of Japan’s demanding electronics industry. Celebrating this strong connection between Moore and MacDermid, Nippon MacDermid hosted many of its special customers at the 2015 Electronics Tech Day event. Here, several of MacDermid’s global business and technology leaders reviewed the latest in world-class chemical processes, aimed at sustaining Moore’s Law density and quality challenges into the future.

About MacDermid Electronics Solutions: MacDermid Electronics Solutions supplies innovative products to a rapidly changing electronics marketplace. Working with our customers, we research, formulate and deliver specialty chemicals that enable the manufacture of the most complex printed circuit board designs, package substrates, LED circuitry, and molded interconnect devices, among other electronics. From smartphones to automotive electronics, from supercomputers to photovoltaic panels, MacDermid products are an integral part of our everyday lives.

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