Non-Contact Patterning in Preparation of Conductor Formation

Use of thinner silicon allows for the lowest cost crystalline cells, but requires off-contact conductor formation. Inkjet resist, followed by fast chemical etching, is the most productive and cost-competitive patterning method. Our UV resist enables dramatic finger width resolution, for a 75% reduction in shadowing; a significant advantage for your customers.

Helios Inkjet Resist


Pattern the front-side grid, or a back-side structure with this 100% solids inkjet resist. Cured on the fly at high productivity using inexpensive printers, the resist is chemically and thermally stable, allowing for less than 40 micron patterns and zero undercut etching. Easy stripping with Helios Inkjet Stripper and etch with Helios ARC Etch chemicals. High temperature ink tolerance overcomes problems of older hot-melt ink technology.

Helios ARC Etch

Mild, yet very effective etch for precision formation of patterns through anti-reflective coatings.

Helios Inkjet Stripper

Removes Helios inkjet resists from wafers quickly and effectively, leaving no residues. Environmentally friendly.