Providing Long-Term Prevention of Conductor Oxides

Your cell's solderable finish represents your connection to the outside world - each of the cell's electrons needs to be transmitted through the conductor to the module strings without loss and achieving maximum consistency. Our Helios series of finishing metals provides long-term prevention of conductor oxides, allowing for easy soldering with any flux system and solder alloy. Each product allows superior functionality for front or rear side plating and can be used with conductive paste contacts. Your cells work hard to generate electricity; don't waste a single electron! Demand performance from the world leader in solderable surface finishes, Demand MacDermid Alpha.


Helios Electrolytic Silver

Cyanide-free. The highest conductivity metal deposit for use as a full build conductor, or the final coating on copper or nickel deposits. Can be applied in LIP or fully electrolytic mode.

Helios Silver LIEP

Silver deposition using the energy of a PV cell. This unique process relies on light, but not on contact electrodes. No contact means no breakage and perfect plating uniformity acrosss the wafer's surface. Improve fine-line paste printing, or build a full conductor on a seed metal layer.

Helios Immersion Silver

Protect the conductors for soldering with the most functional and cost competitive surface finish available. Helios Immersion Silver applies a sub-micron deposit of pure silver in high speed batch or conveyorized equipment without the need for electrolytic contact. A proven record of performance on millions of cells demonstrates significant benefits over other finishes or electrolytic coatings.

Helios Immersion Tin

For PV applications specifying tin as the final solderable finish. Production proven chemistry offering higher thickness deposit options and good resistance to environmental contamination.