Circuit Board


MacDermid Enthone’s innovative printed circuit board processes add value to our customers’ supply chains. Our Circuit Formation chemistries help customers obtain the ever-increasing densities necessary for HDI designs, and meet bonding requirements for new age materials. Our Primary Metallization products allow our customers to create plated through holes in new and environmentally friendly ways. Our wide portfolio of Electroplate chemistries can do everything from via filling of the most difficult blind micro vias to through hole filling for IC thermal management. MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions Final Finishes are the best in their class, with a wide selection offering solderability, wire bondability and economical options as well. Our Integrated Metallization product lines allow for advanced SAP and MSAP builds. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the printed circuit board signal capacity with our Surface Treatments chemistries. Whatever specialty application you may need to fulfil, MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions is the only electronics manufacturing process supplier with the innovation and service that can get you there. Click on the section of interest below to learn more.