MacDermid Enthone's Circuit Formation Products Group focuses on the chemical technologies of imaging and defining circuit patterns - from the highest density, 2 mil L/S technologies to the systems integrations requirements of transporting ‹2 mil core thicknesses.

Over the years MacDermid Enthone has introduced numerous innovations to these areas, and today we continue to develop processes that can help you obtain the ever-increasing densities necessary for BGA and HDI systems... as well as the bonding requirements for a whole new range of laminate systems.

Innerlayer Etch Resists

MacDermid Enthone's intensive R&D efforts have produced a premier offering of photoimageable materials for use in the printed circuit industry including high resolution, primary image dry films and liquid photoresists, as well as an advanced laser imaging resist. These products and innovations have brought extensive benefits for high yield and low cost production of printed circuits. MacDermid Enthone offers a full range of dry film photoresists to meet all of our customer’s requirements, such as high yield processing, laser direct imaging, and final finish processing. Each of our products offers significant advantages to the customer versus our competitors.

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Strippers and Developers

The UltraStrip product line represents MacDermid Enthone's most advanced, high-performance photoresist strippers. UltraStrip formulas have been optimized for over 50 different resists on the market today. UltraStripRS-215 Resist Stripping System is designed to strip fully-aqueous dry film photoresists from printed circuit boards. Its unique blend of components promotes a high strip rate, easily filterable particles, and complete removal of dry film residues and adhesion promoters, even under overplated circuits. RS-215 contains no caustic, so it will not attack copper, tin or tin-lead. It has a powerful anti-tarnish package to prevent copper oxidation. RS-215 does not contain glycol ethers or any other solvent.

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Dry Film Resists

PHOTEC dry film photoresists consistently provide the highest first-pass yields on fine line, high circuit density PCBs. Featuring exceptional high resolution capabilities, each resist exhibits outstanding substrate conformance while delivering strong, flexible tent and etch benefits. Compatible with all electrolytic, alkaline, and acid etching processes, PHOTEC dry film photoresists maintain a controlled particle size, enabling ease of stripping.

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MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions appoints Mr. Roger Fontaine to Eastern Region Commercial Team Jun 18, 2018, 4:17 PM

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