Premier Offering of Photoimageable Materials for Use in the Printed Circuit Industry

Our intensive R&D efforts have produced a premier offering of photoimageable materials for use in the printed circuit industry including high resolution, primary image dry films and liquid photoresists, as well as an advanced laser imaging resist. These products and innovations have brought extensive benefits for high yield and low cost production of printed circuits.

We offer a full range of MacDermid Enthone branded products. Dry film photoresists meet all of our customer’s requirements, such as high yield processing, laser direct imaging, and final finish processing. Each of our products offers significant advantages to the customer versus our competitors.

  • Fully aqueous processable
  • Stackable after coating
  • Excellent photospeed
  • Superior printout image
  • One year storage stability

Technology-Leading Liquid Photoresists. With The Technical Service You Can Count On.

Microtrace is the advanced liquid photoresist designed specifically to produce higher yields and volume production at the lowest cost possible for innerlayer image formation. Supported by our comprehensive on-site technical service, fabricators can expect superior performance for any multilayer application. Microtrace is the perfect solution for fabricating high density fine line circuitry in a high volume application. It generates accurate imaging below 75 micron pitch without compromising quality. It is compatible with any leading rollercoating equipment line, making the transition from dry film extremely simple. Technically superior, Microtrace offers fast photospeed and exceptional stackability. When combined with our renowned service, increasing technology without losing yield is guaranteed.

Increase Technology Without Losing Yield. We Can Help.

Developed specifically for innerlayers, Microtrace is in the forefront of liquid photoresist technology. With proven solutions in place around the world, this advanced photoresist offers high yield, high volume production at a significantly reduced cost. It is compatible with both alkaline and acid etching chemistries and, unlike most liquid resists, Microtrace coated panels are stackable for over 48 hours. No matter what your need, our technical staff can help you increase yield where you need it most.