Plating high aspect ratio through holes, conformal plated blind microvias, stacked filled vias, and filling through holes for high density interconnect technology are just some of the challenges of PCB manufacturing environment. The reliability of these constructions is only as good as the copper plating within them. Today’s requirements call for higher standards of mechanical properties, process control and flexibility. The product chosen must fit the end application. 

We have a full portfolio of acid copper products to meet all end user applications, from ultra aspect ratio conformal plating down to filling the smallest blind microvias. Our through hole filling processes are able to improve thermal conductivity and enhance structural integrity of advanced designs. 

Through Hole Plating

We offer a variety of through hole metallization processes able to accomodate any challenge. Our Direct Current offerings include the HiSpec 2, HT 200, HT 300, HT 360, ST-2000 processes. Our Pulse plating type offerings include the MacuSpec PPR 100, PPR 200, and the PC 600 series baths. Whether it is lower thickness and high production volume or advanced high aspect ratio boards, we have a through hole plating process capable of producing Copper metallization of extremely high quality and reliability.

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Copper Via Fill

The MacuSpec VF, AVF, and VF-TH Series are production-proven processes that are specifically engineered to fill blind micro vias with select processes also able to simultaneously plate through holes in the same bath. Developed for fabricators and OEMs that require increased productivity and faster ROI, process options are available that can eliminate flash plate and pre-dip steps as well as other processing hurdles for greater application flexibility, while increasing overall bath life substantially.

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Through Hole Filling

Manufacturers of advanced printed circuit boards have struggled to overcome the challenge of core layer and other through hole filling for thermal and structural applications. The MacuSpec THF 100 single step copper through hole filling process is a high-performance plating technology that can completely fill through holes in a single plating step. Fabricators can achieve improved thermal conductivity over paste filling, skip resource intensive planarization steps, and achieve excellent reliability with the solid copper filling provided by the MacuSpec THF 100.

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