Delivering High Productivity Through Increased Automation

Vertical Continuous Plating Systems deliver high productivity through increased automation and increased plating current density while improving plating performance. Choosing the proper product for the equipment set is as important as choosing the equipment. MacDermid Enthone offers a broad portfolio of metallization systems.

MacDermid Enthone MacuSpec Key Features

  • Simultaneously fills blind microvias and plates through holes
  • Optimized for pattern and panel plate capabilities
  • Minimizes copper deposition of the surface, eliminating need for planarization Increases overall bath life 400%
  • RoHS compliant
  • Meets IPC specification
  • Reliable thermal cycle performance
  • Wider operating window

MacuSpec HT 300

MacuSpec HT 300 is the next generation ultra-performance direct current copper plating solution for plating higher technology multi-layer through holes. HT 300 maintains excellent microdistribution with industry leading performance at higher current densities for through holes with aspect ratio of up to 25:1. The MacuSpec HT 300 has an exceptionaly wide current density range of 5 to 35 ASF for plating high aspect ratio panels with a bright surface finish. MacuSpec HT 300 bath is fully analyzable by CVS and common analytical tools, making it the only choice for ensuring high yields and process stability while creating high tech multilayer printed circuit boards at breakneck speed. The deposit produced by MacuSpec HT 360 passes all specifications required for high volume multilayer board production including IPC 6012D, 6013D and 6012DS Tensile and Elongation Requirement


MacuSpec HT 200

MacuSpec HT 200 has been specifically formulated for providing higher microdistribution at higher current densities, which makes it an excellent product choice for continuous vertical platers. The MacuSpec HT 200 acid copper system deposits a bright, smooth, ductile copper deposit within a current density range of 5 to 30 ASF. The mechanical properties of the plated deposit exceed IPC specifications across the entire current density range and HT 200 is capable of plating through holes up to an aspect ratio of 10:1.



CUPROSTAR ST-2000 is a direct current acid copper system designed to meet the surface distribution, throwing power and thermal reliability requirements of today’s printed circuit boards (PCBs), including high aspect ratio through-hole and microvia designs.

The CUPROSTAR ST-2000 system combines high current density capability with exceptional surface distribution and throwing power. Significant improvements in plating speed and deposit uniformity are achieved versus conventional direct current systems. The result is higher throughput with improved performance.

Further improvements in throwing power are possible when CUPROSTAR ST-2000 is utilized in impingment or push plater systems