Design Freedom. Circuit Density.
Unparalleled Thermal Performance.

Systek THF Bridge and Fill

MacDermid Enthone Systek THF is a new generation copper through hole filling process that eliminates the need for complex and unreliable conductive paste and copper coin designs in your IC packaging builds. A two step process that includes a bridging step that is able to close a wide range of through holes, followed by a highly advanced via filling step create a filled copper through hole with exceptional thermal and electrical properties. With Systek THF, a new age of high density circuit designs and high power thermal management has begun.

MacDermid Enthone Systek THF is the only process which can improve package reliability, increase thermal efficiency and free up space - allowing for never before seen increases in circuit density for IC packaging designs. From high power RF devices to crucial automotive and military applications, Systek THF is the revolutionary new standard.



Bridge: The bridging step creates dual micro vias in the center of the board, allowing the board to be filled with specialized via filling chemistry.


Fill: The filling step fills these vias while also preventing copper growth on the surface, reducing waste and increasing efficiency of the process.