Blind Micro Via Fill


MacuSpec VF Series is a unique, production-proven process that is specifically engineered to be the most effective method to simultaneously plate through holes and fill blind microvias in one bath. Developed for fabricators and OEMs that require increased productivity and faster ROI, it eliminates an entire process sequence for greater application flexibility, while increasing overall bath life 400%.

MacuSpec AVF-700

The MacuSpec AVF-700 is an advanced via fill copper metallization that our customers building HDI choose when they need minimal surface copper under a wide variety of aspect ratios. The unique formula of chemical components and equipment parameters enables customers to plate a wide variety of blind micro via sizes in just one bath without the need of flash plate and the ability to use direct metallization solutions.


Reliable, High Quality Copper Vias, Every Single Time

MacuSpec AVF-700 is the result of combining the industry experience of MacDermid Enthone's highly specialized staff and technologies. The filled micro vias created by AVF-700 have an extraordinary degree of repeatability while also adhering to IPC 6012D, having a tensile strength no less than 36,000 PSI and enlogation no less than 12%. Improved copper on copper bonding provides reliability above and beyond that of what is expected from industry equivalents.


Key Features

  • Excellent via filling of vias up to 6 mils in diameter and 4 mils deep with minimum surface copper
  • Less / no copper reduction necessary after plating
  • Fully analyzable by CVS and common analytical tools
  • No flash plate required
  • Compatible with largest portfolio of direct metallization solutions available worldwide
  • Meets IPC specifications for copper deposit properties

Periodic Pulse Reverse (PPR)

For the highest performance, and special applications, MacDermid Enthone offers the MacuSpec PPR and MacuSpec PPR 100 for all types of pulse wave forms. Superior microdistribution, improved physical properties and decreased cycle time are the attributes to this industry leading product line.


Key Features

  • Simultaneously fills blind microvias and plates through holes
  • Optimized for pattern and panel plate capabilities
  • Minimizes copper deposition of the surface, eliminating need for planarization
  • Increases overall bath life 400%
  • Reliable thermal cycle performance
  • Wider operating window
  • RoHS compliant
  • Meets IPC specification