Via Filling Solutions for Any Metallization Challenge


The MacuSpec VF, AVF, and VF-TH series are production-proven processes that are specifically engineered to provide solutions for the plating of today’s and tomorrow’s HDI interconnect features

MacuSpec VF Series – General via filling in panel or pattern plating mode

MacuSpec AVF Series – Via filling for Any Layer applications with minimal surface copper in panel plate mode

MacuSpec VF-TH Series – Multifunctional processes for mSAP and SAP applications capable of via filling, X-via filling, fine line trace plating, and through hole plating

MacuSpec VF Series

The MacuSpec VF Series via filling copper metallization solutions are the production proven standard for via filling in electronic devices used worldwide for over 20 years.  With options that can be applied to fit every application in the HDI market, the MacuSpec VF processes provide the most stable and consistent via filling available in the market today.



Key Features

  • General process via filling capable of via filling larger microvias
  • Optimized to run in any plating line and anode configuration available
  • Versatility for panel, pattern, and button plate all in one process
  • Meets all relevant IPC specifications
  • Reliable thermal cycling performance
  • Complete process control by CVS and common analytical tools

MacuSpec AVF Series

The MacuSpec AVF series are advanced copper via fill metallization processes for high density interconnects. These processes provide the most efficient via filling while minimizing plated surface copper for Any Layer HDI designs. Their unique formulations enable customers to fill a wide variety of blind micro via sizes in one bath without a predip or the need of flash plate.


Reliable, High Quality Copper Vias Every Single Time

The filled micro vias created by MacuSpec AVF-700 have an extraordinary degree of consistency and repeatability while also adhering to the IPC 6012D standard. The high consistency of filling with minimal surface copper provides a stable base upon which to build further layers while minimizing final etching thus maintaining tight trace profiles.



Key Features

  • Excellent via filling of microvias up to 6 mils in diameter and 4 mils deep with minimal surface copper 
  • Less / no copper reduction necessary after plating 
  • Fully analyzable by CVS and common analytical tools 
  • No predip or flash plate required 
  • Compatible with largest portfolio of direct metallization solutions available worldwide 
  • Meets IPC specifications for copper deposit properties 

MacuSpec VF-TH Series

When efficiency, reliability, and cost savings of through hole plating and via filling are the goal, MacuSpec VF-TH series is the first choice. These versatile systems simultaneously fill microvias and laser drilled X-vias and plate through holes with minimal surface copper for fine line resolution.


Higher Quality Manufacturing for Yield Sensitive Processes

MacuSpec VF-TH series baths reduce the number of processing steps without a reduction in reliability. The copper deposited from these processes has superior physical properties, passing IPC 6012D, DS, and 6013D standards. The MacuSpec VF-TH 300 deposits copper that is resistant to final etch induced V-pitting, as-plated, without the need for an annealing step. 


Key Features

  • No predip or flash plate required
  • Simultaneous filling of copper vias and X-vias and plating of through holes
  • Specifically designed for pattern plating applications such as mSAP, SL-HDI, and SAP
  • Fills microvias up to 5x3 mil within 60 minutes with dimples of less than 10 microns
  • Fully analyzable by CVS and common analytical tools
  • Compatible with the largest portfolio of direct metallization solutions worldwide
  • Meets IPC specifications for copper deposit properties
  • V-pitting resistant formulation available for mSAP / SL-HDI/SAP designs that require stringent quality