Reliability & Performance From a Single Surface Finish

MacDermid Enthone’s Affinity ENEPIG is the latest electroless nickel/electroless palladium/immersion gold plating process designed specifically to deliver a high reliability wire bondabale surface finish with high yields. By combining the advances of Affinity ENIG and a stable palladium plating step, this finish eliminates black line nickel associated with ENIG while delivering high reliablity. All this is done without the hassle of dual finishing.

Affinity ENEPIG delivers superior bath stability which separates Affinity ENEPIG from the competition. One bath can deliver a full range of thickness levels from those specified in IPC 4556 to higher thickness required by military applications. Affinity ENEPIG provides a durable, extremely flat deposit ideal for your fine pitch SMT, BGA and direct-chip attach assembly applications.

Key Features

  • Delivers superior wire bond performance
  • Excellent solderability for leaded and lead-free applications
  • Provides wide thickness plating range
  • Extremely stable bath chemistry, simplified bath control
  • Elimination of black pad concerns

Affinity ENEPIG: From the Leader In Final Finishes


We are known as a leader in Final Finishes for the electronics industry. When it comes to reliability, stability, and high yield from a single plating process, request MacDermid Enthone's Affinity ENEPIG. 

MacDermid Enthone’s Affinity ENEPIG delivers the wire bonding performance you need no matter what palladium thickness your application requires. With unmatched wire bondability our finish also maintains excellent solderability performance. Solder spread and solder joint integrity are not compromised even after various forms of heat and humidity conditioning. When it comes to process stability, performance reliability and high yields, from a single plating process, request MacDermid Enthone Affinity ENEPIG.