MSAP is a cost effective process for fine line substrates which allows for a high degree of automation, high yields and lean manufacturing. MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions has a portfolio which encompasses every process step. Ask a MacDermid Alpha representative about MSAP today.

  • Copper Reduction
    CircuEtch 100
  • LDD Pretreatment
    MultiBond 500
  • Post LDD Conversion
  • Primary Metallization
    Systek Desmear
    Shadow LE
  • Dry Film Adhesion
    MultiPrep 200
  • Dry Film Developer
    Developer 45 Plus
  • Secondary Metallization
    MacuSpec VF
    MacuSpec AVF
    MacuSpec VF-TH
  • Dry Film Stripper
    UltraStrip LDI
  • Differential Etch
    CircuEtch 200
  • Innerlayer Adhesion
    MultiBond 500
  • Solder Mask Adhesion
    MultiPrep 200
  • Final Finish
    Affinity, ENTEK Plus HT