Fully Automated Integrated Equipment/Chemical Metallization System for:

Horizontal Desmear; Horizontal Direct Metallization; Vertical Continuous Electroplating. The benefits of synergy; higher yields, less downtime, improved consistency, less material handling, chemical compatibility.

Key Features

  • Lowest total cost integrated metallization technology
  • Automated continuous process for unmatched consistency
  • Direct copper to copper bonding improves reliability
  • Reduces cycle time and water consumption by 75%
  • Minimizes surface copper deposition - eliminating the need for planarization



  • Effective smear removal
  • Imparts micro roughness
  • Improved hole wall adhesion


Primary Metallization

Carbon Technology

  • Direct copper onto layers
  • Enhanced copper to copper bond strength
  • Non dynamic chemistry for process stability
  • Horizontal process for improved consistency

Electrolytic Copper

MacuSpec HT

  • High throw DC plating for high aspect ratio PTH

MacuSpec VP

  • DC process for conformal plating of microvias and PTH

MacuSpec VF

  • Simultaneous blind microvia filling and conformal through hole plating

MacuSpec PPR

  • Periodic Pulse Reverse plating for ultra high aspect ratio PTH