The demand for lower costs and more environmentally friendly processes has generated a need for alternatives to conventional electroless copper processing. MacDermid Enthone has a complete line of direct metallization solutions for substrates of all kind.  Our patented Blackhole direct plate technology eliminates heavy metals, formaldehyde and cyanide, while reducing operating costs. Shadow Direct Metallization is the choice for HDI and flex type constructions and allows for plating of complex thorugh holes in a simple and easy to controll process. Eclipse is the direct metallization choice which brings consistency, durability, and high reliability to OEMs at a low cost compared to that of conventional metallization.

Making Holes Conductive

Direct Metallization


Shadow Direct Metallization Process is a patented graphite based slightly alkaline aqueous dispersion of conductive colloids and proprietary additives used to make through-holes, and other vias, conductive for subsequent copper electroplating. Most suitable for HDI and Flex

  • Formaldehyde free and reduced water usage
  • 9 US and 35 foreign patents
  • Unsurpassed reliability verified with IST, HATS and Thermal cycling
  • Shadow-Cu via fill plating with no flash plate improves production flow and cost models
  • Copper-to-copper direct bonding strength and good reliability No hydrogen bubble issue in the hole
  • No chelating gents, formaldehyde, and heavy metals.
  • Simple process and easy to control
  • Especially engineered for materials like PI, LCP, Rigid flex and Teflon

Shadow V

  • For next generation HDI and Flex. For via size less than 50mL
  • Less foaming (10-15 mL vs 60 mL foam height)
  • Low surface tension(27-28 dynes/cm)
  • More cost effective(lowest operating % solids of Shadow
  • Lower operating temperature
  • Eliminate double-pass process Improved performance on hard-to-plate materials (DuPont TK)
  • Minimal copper accumulation


The Ultimate Choice for Mission-Critical PTH Reliability


MacDermid Enthone Eclipse is the next generation direct metallization process, engineered specifically for fabricators and OEMs that require consistently high performance, reliability and durability. Simpler to use and considerably more cost-efficient than electroless copper, Eclipse provides high tech capabilities and RoHS-compliance all in one.

The new benchmark in PTH metallization, carbon-based Eclipse features 10:1 aspect ratio and higher PTH capability, achieves over 500 IST cycles, and enables manufacturers to decrease chemical usage and water consumption by 90%. The new environment standard reduces process steps by 50% and eliminates 100% of chelated metals. Utilizing an automated horizontal process, Eclipse delivers unmatched coverage and connectivity for even the most challenging designs, and is supported by MacDermid Enthone's renowned hands-on global technical service.

The Most Reliable PTH Metallization Process for the Lowest Cost of Ownership

If you are looking for quantifiable reasons to switch from electroless copper to the industry's most environmentally-responsible and cost-efficient PTH metallization process, our revolutionary Eclipse formulation is your solution. Now you can dramatically reduce volatiles and waste pollutants, eliminate unwanted heavy metals and formaldehyde, and extend the life of your bath. All without sacrificing reliability and hole integrity, and at the lowest total cost. Guaranteed.


Versatile and Cost Efficient the Worlwide Choice for Direct Metallization

MacDermid Enthone Blackhole is the choice of fabricators worldwide that prefer a low cost, environmentally friendly direct metallization alternative to electroless copper. Suitable for both simple and complex circuit boards, carbon-based Blackhole is a nanoscale electrostatic coating that satisfies every need for reliability and versatility.

Trusted by over 250 of the world’s leading manufacturers, Blackhole is an automated, horizontal process whose unique technology enables users to reduce cycle time, decrease overall water consumption, completely eliminate the use of formaldehyde, and produce less waste than electroless copper plating. Another innovation from the leaders in metallization, Blackhole is also the world’s first totally chelator-free process. Able to provide high performance results in conventional, flexible and complex multilayer circuit board designs, MacDermid Enthone Blackhole is the most technically capable and cost effective option available today.

The Lowest Cost Through-Hole Metallization Process Available


PCB fabrication costs are the result of many factors: chemical consumption, waste production, engineering support, and process yield, among others. Blackhole provides a value in use which drops right to your bottom line.The world's most efficient direct metallization process minimizes costs associated with installation, operation and final product yield.

Chemical consumption is an order of magnitude lower than electroless copper systems, reducing maintenance, analysis and replenishment time. Fewer, shorter process steps dramatically reduce the cycle time while minimizing rinsing and waste-treatment requirements.Its horizontal automation is equally well suited to high volume or quick-turn, prototype production.

 Value-in-Use Cost Savings

Blackhole Savings Electroless Copper
2 to 3 min. Start-up Time: 97% Savings 90 min.
8 min. Cycle Time: 87% Savings 60 min.
7 mL/ssf Chemical Replenishment: 90% Savings 70 mL/ssf
6 L/min. Water Consumption: 88% Savings 50 L/min.
20 mL/ssf Water Waste Treatment: 90% Savings 200 mL/ssf