M-Copper EF

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MacDermid Enthone M-Copper EF is the only electroless copper system on the market that is sold by an international plating supplier which can outperform local suppliers at a competitive price. M-Copper EF is specifically formulated from decades of experience with electroless copper plating and modern innovations to allow for a revolution in quality and service in a segment of the PCB industry that rarely sees new offerings. Your OEM customers will feel more confident knowing that their products were assembled with a process backed by a world-class organization. With M Copper EF you can rest assured that you are using only the best electroless copper metallization available. Don’t fall into the trap of compromising quality for cost, with M-Copper EF, you can have it all.

MacuDep HDI

MacDermid Enthone MacuDep HDI is a horizontal electroless process that provides unmatched uniformity on even the most critical, high reliability materials and complex structures. Utilizing a patented colloidal activation sequence, it enables catalytic activity without expensive reduction steps. And most of all, MacuDep HDI enables users to confidently master the art of handling more complicated board designs to achieve greater profitability.