An Entire Series of Marking Inks and Ancillary Products.

We have an entire portfolio of thermal imaging products for applications ranging from PCBs, Bar Codes, Console Text, Auto Parts, to Industrial Printing. Included in this portfolio are marking inks, screen printing inks, catalysts, and ancillary products like combined catalyst /marking inks and specialty use solder masks.   

Marking Inks

Available in semi-gloss to glossy surface finish, permanent inks. Two component systems. Have a wide latitude of cure time and compatible with both ambient and thermal curing.

M-Series Marking Inks: 



 50-Series Cat-L-Ink: 

Both the M-Series and 50-Series provide durable, permanent coatings with excellent adhesion to a wide array of substrates such as glass, ceramic, metals, plastics and solder masks. Both inks are resistant to solvent attack, and scratch and mar, and have excellent electrical resistance and moisture resistance.

Additional Information:

·        Frequently used in non-direct sunlight applications

·        Passes C.I.D. A-A-56032 Accelerated Weathering (ASTM G155 Cycle 1 300 hours (12.5 Days)

·        Limited Testing to 30 Day Carbon Arc MIS-37271B   ASTM G23 (M-Series: Cat 20/A)

·        Fade Resistant (C.I.D. A-A-56032 Light Fastness, 24 hour ASTM G155 Cycle 4).

·        Qualifications / Certifications: CID A-A-56032 Rev D, Mil-I-43553 Rev. A, NASA Outgassing Specification

Ancillary Ink Products

To accompany the inks products, we also supply various solvents, thinners, color additives, anti-foamers, and flow agents to meet our customers’ marking needs.

Specialty Thermal Imaging Products

ENTHONE 60-100 / Catalyst 60: Specialty ink based on solder mask chemistry, has better thermal and electrical properties than other inks. Long mixed pot life (3+ weeks), available in white only. Excellent adhesion – nearly impossible to remove without damage to substrate.

ENTHONE SR1000: A single component solder mask with a matte or gloss finish, epoxy based. 9-month shelf life from date of manufacture. High solids content (~95%), may be used for via plugging applications.


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