Copper Damascene Processes

Our ViaForm Copper Damascene processes deliver superior filling performance for wafer fabrication. Each process is specially designed for manufacturing advanced copper interconnects and provides a high degree of process control that enables a more robust interconnect fill capability and ensures greater device reliability.

ViaForm offers a clear advantage in that it meets the demands of shrinking device geometries while giving chip manufacturers the flexibility to apply this chemistry to their existing processes and tool systems. This is especially important in the manufacturing of memory and logic devices.


The Steady State processes feature consistent physical properties and reliable functional performance. Additional unique characteristics include:

High CMP Compatibility

  • Improves yields and aids forward integration through lower defect counts
  • Fully Analyzable Process
  • Robust Technology
  • Stable
  • Broad operating window
  • Ease of process control
  • Lowest cost of ownership

ViaForm chemistry is produced in a high volume manufacturing (HVM) facility and other advanced research facilities based in Connecticut, USA. The HVM exceeds Class 1000 packaging requirements and features computer integrated manufacturing, including on-line particle count, fully automated and enclosed chemical distribution, and dedicated processing streams. The facility ensures stringent batch-to-batch control and consistency, readily meeting the demanding manufacturing requirements of semiconductor producers worldwide.

ViaForm represents our commitment to continually develop and distribute state-of-the-art electrochemistries to meet the developing need for production of advanced copper interconnects. Used by the world's major semiconductor manufacturers, ViaForm chemistry provides superior filling performance in high-volume facilities, with a reduction in product defects and proven integration into chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) processes.

ViaForm chemistry is exclusively marketed and distributed worldwide by Entegris Inc, Danbury, Connecticut, USA.