Increased Performance

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Our wafer bump processes are specially formulated for emerging technologies, such as 3-D packaging. Our processes include copper pillar/post, copper RDL, nickel, tin-silver bump, gold bump, and through-silicon via (TSV). All offer increased performance and enhanced cost-effectiveness while also meeting environmental, health and safety concerns.

Copper Pillar / Post

The MICROFAB CU 1000 process is engineered for high-speed pillar, RDL and copper stud/UBM applications. It is formulated, packaged, and quality controlled per stringent semiconductor industry requirements. The MICROFAB CU 1000 process has a wide current density range of 10 to 35 ASD (approximately 2 to 7 μm/min). Maximum achievable current density is dependent on tool flow dynamics, photo resist height, and wafer pattern density and complexity.

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Copper RDL

MICROFAB SC-40 and MICROFAB SC-50 are high speed copper processes used for a variety of semiconductor applications. The processes deliver accurate bump height uniformity and bump shape control for the most sophisticated wafer layout while keeping low internal deposit stress, a consistent deposition rate and a wide additive process window.

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Gold Bump

MICROFAB AU Series are non-cyanide, mildly alkaline electroplating processes that produce fine-grained, high purity gold deposits with excellent thickness distribution. MICROFAB AU Series processes are specifically formulated for bump and circuit pattern plating on semiconductor wafers.

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MICROFAB NI Series are nickel sulfamate electroplating processes that produce pure, ductile, fine-grained, low stress nickel deposits. These high-performing processes easily meet the exacting performance requirements of the semiconductor industry for quality assured wafer plating chemistry. The MICROFAB NI Series processes contain an anode activating agent in controlled amounts to enhance anode corrosion and prevent anode passivation. Deposit properties are easy to control and maintain.

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Through-Silicon Via

MICROFAB DVF 200 acid copper plating process fills Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) without voids and other defects at high plating speeds. The process is specially formulated for vias with diameters that range from 5 to 20 μm, and with aspect ratios less than 10. CMOS Image Sensors (e.g. digital cameras), Interposers, DRAM and Flash Memory are some of the key applications that benefit from the use of MICROFAB DVF 200 technology.

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Solder Bump Plating

The MICROFAB bump plating chemistries are robust, production-proven electroplating processes which are tailor made to our customers’ requirements for a manufacturing process that is high-speed and provides a lead-free, highly solderable material.

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