Copper Process for Pillar, Microbump and RDL

MICROFAB SC-40 and MICROFAB SC-50 are high speed copper processes used for a variety of semiconductor applications, including:

  • Pillar in flip-chip package
  • Microbump in 3D interconnect (IC) package
  • Redistribution layer (RDL) in wafer level packaging 

The processes deliver accurate bump height uniformity and bump shape control for the most sophisticated wafer layout while keeping low internal deposit stress, a consistent deposition rate and a wide additive process window.

MICROFAB SC-40 and SC-50 share the same additive package, but different make-up electrolytes. This allows the user to choose the most appropriate process for their application based on plating speed and level of uniformity required. Both processes are well established in the market and specified by the world’s leading OEMs. Each meets industry environmental and regulatory requirements. In addition, the processes create value with:

  • High plating speed
  • Low internal stress
  • Flat bump shape
  • Wide additive process window



MICROFAB SC-40 and SC-50 processes deliver acurate bump height uniformity and bump shape control